Brian Cusack
Industrial Designer


SR-1 header


Die-cast toy spaceship





There is a gap in the market for scale model die-cast toy vehicles that ignores a key narrative theme for kids toys.  Dominated by Hotwheels, Matchbox, and Tonka the vehicles that are currently available are almost all cars.  There are very few aerial vehicles, the longest lasting line is Matchbox's "Skybusters", and there are no space vehicles.  Recent years have seen a renewed focus and interest for space in mainstream media.  This is reflected in the emergence of new and old franchises that reach broad age groups, two examples being Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy.

SR-1 is the first vehicle in a proposed line of 1:64 scale die-cast spaceship vehicles.  This line of toys fills a market gap that enables a new genre of narrative storytelling for children.  SR-1 allows them to play out the stories important to them and grow with new narratives.


Spaceship for Die-Cast Toys

At 3.65" x 1.34" x 0.94" SR-1 is scaled to fit right in with other 1:64 scale vehicles in lines like Hotwheels and Matchbox.  This spaceship eliminates the need for fixed landing gear, making flying it around that much more enjoyable by eliminating a common complaint area.  It does this with construction identical to this type of toy, by using the body pieces that create a level bottom on their own.


1.  Die-cast top hull

2.  Injection molded clear plastic cockpit

3.  Injection molded reflective plastic interior

4.  Die-cast bottom hull


Hot wheels has the most flashy and fantasy based designs on the market.

Matchbox has the most diverse selection of vehicles with more emphasis on reality and consistent scale throughout the line.

Tonka creates the most realistic vehicles but their scale is not as important as in Matchbox.


Imagination Unleashed

Kids can unlock a new imaginative world of play and narratives with SR-1 and other spaceships in this line of toys.  From exploring the depths of space to racing through asteroid fields and anything else you can imagine.