Brian Cusack
Industrial Designer


Starbucks Lineup V1

Starbucks Packaging

1st place in design competition with chase design







Industrial Designers: Brian Cusack, Stacey Yip

Graphic designers: Dennae Makel, Rebecca Wolinski, David Hampton

We reimagined the 12 oz + 16 oz coffee packages to delivered a new design experience that enhances the functionality, strengthens the brand portfolio and drives customers to purchase Starbucks premium coffee. By researching new, sustainable packaging forms and focusing on a premium coffee experience, our team created a new packaging system that stands out on shelves and boosted consumer engagement.

During our process, we focused on four areas: iconic design; portfolio driven Starbucks design; functionality and experience; and brand loyalty.


Process + Ideation

Throughout the project we made over 50 structural and graphic mockups that explored a variety of packaging forms and functionalities, reflecting the desires and needs from our interviewed consumers. Many of them struggled with pouring their coffee out of a flexible foil laminate pouch. With this in mind, we tested different pour and funnel capabilities that would still allow for scooping.  Additionally, we needed to stand out in stores that used warm, dim lighting and not blend into other coffee packaging that used beiges, browns, and warm colors.


Veranda Blend

Blonde Roast

Cocoa beans and leaves pattern

Emphasizes the feelingof the light taste enjoyed by the farmers themselves


Breakfast Blend

Medium Roast

Sunburst pattern

Highlights waking up and the beginning of a new, bright day


Caffe Verona

Dark Roast

Floral pattern 

Inspire the sweetness and romance found in the city that sparked the flavor  


Usability + Function

Because our consumers regularly handle the packaging, we wanted to design something that had easy, sturdy handling and storage.  The directions can be found on the easy funnel side as the user picks it up.   Meanwhile the new funnel pour option allows for them to pour their coffee out, also retaining scooping abilities, and reseals with a fold over panel closed by a tin tie to form a more hermetic seal to maintain freshness.


Design Features

For design we kept consistent with the established color, illustration, and design style of other Starbucks products while bringing in the minimalistic approach some of Starbucks newer products are using. The different patterns subtly show the different flavors while the breakdown of information allows for shoppers to quickly browse the coffee flavors and environmentally conscious decisions.  A simple rich brown dot pattern creates another layer of texture that is cleaner than current background textures.


In-Store + Retail

Our design stands out among the other coffee brands currently available. In the warm, dim lighting of grocery stores, the rich brown and bold colors grabs consumers eyes while the white flavor bands link them across the shelf.  The diagonal carton design also differentiates itself from other brands and adds to the premium quality.  Finally, the sturdy nature of our packaging allows it to work well in pushers or stay in shape on open shelves and allows for consumers to easily interact with them.